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An Introduction To The Life of Jesus

An IntroductionTo The Life of Jesus

Learn about Jesus’ life as it was told in the musical Godspell and the New Testament gospels of Matthew and Luke in five multimedia lessons. Each lesson covers one part of Jesus’ story and a little bit about how it relates to Quakerism. There are also queries for discussion.
An Online Songbook

An Online Songbook

These are videos that can help you learn some Quaker favorites. Except for "Walk In The Light" these were not created by Quakers (to our knowledge). These are videos that do not have advertising. If advertising starts appearing on one of these or if you would like to suggest a video please contact us.
Can you solve these word puzlers?

Can you solve three Quaker word puzzles?

Solve these word puzzles and find out a little about Quakers.

Download the printable PDF.
Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

Stuff to think about in Meeting for Worship - During Quaker Meeting for Worship everyone comes in and sits in silence. After some time has passed, somebody might get up and speak. They have prayed to see if what they want to say is for everyone to hear.

Click here to download this story in PDF​ or watch the flash animation.
Famous Friends

Famous Friends

​Meet a variety of Quakers who have become well known nationally or internationally: Ministers, Activists, Politicians, Artists, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and some folks with Quaker beginnings.

Download the PDF or visit their own section of this website.
Quaker Silouhettes

Quaker Silhouettes

Early Friends believed that to have your portrait painted was very expensive and unnecessary. Instead they began to have silhouettes cut out of black paper. Find out more and learn how you can make your own silhouettes.

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Quakers In The Movies

Quakers In The Movies

These films have characters that are Quakers and are suitable for watching by folks of all ages.

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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

​Many of these may be found in the library of your local Quaker Meeting. Visit to find out more about these books and religious education materials.

Read the list.
SPICES - Learn Quaker Testimonies

SPICES - The Quaker Testimonies

​Our testimonies are the way we live what we believe. Find out about Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship.

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Walk Gently On The Earth

Walk Gently On The Earth

​Leave a green footprint! 16 things kids can do to help care for the earth.

Download this PDF to learn more or download a printable poster.