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Quakers In The Movies

These films have characters that are Quakers and are suitable for watching by folks of all ages.

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Quakers In The Movies
These are all available for purchase online at various outlets. Some may even be available at your local public library. Can you think of others? Email us suggestions.

Down to the Sea in Ships (1922 - Silent Film)
Clara Bow plays a supporting part as the tomboy granddaughter of a Quaker whaling magnate. The story is a your basic romantic melodrama with scheming villains and star crossed young lovers. This film is 90 minutes long and is well known for it's authentic depiction of 19th-century whaling. One of the villains is portrayed in a racist manner and there is also a question of whether Quaker families ever forced their daughters into arranged marriages even in the early 1800's. This is good to watch if it is approached with a "look how things have changed" discussion.

Penn of Pennsylvania (1941 -  Film)
This British film is the tale of William Penn and his journey from English aristocracy to his founding of the state of Pennsylvania in the U.S. The film includes his famous trial, which established the English right of trial by jury. Deborah Kerr appears in one of her earlier roles.

Angel and the Badman (1947 - Film)
John Wayne plays an outlaw who is sought after by Prudence Worth (palyed by Gail Russell) a Quaker girl. He falls in love with her and eventually becomes a member of her community, giving up his evil ways.

Friendly Persuasion (1956 - Film)
Jessamyn West's classic story of a family of Quakers in Indiana as the Civil War breaks out. They and their neighbors struggle to maintain their faith and way of life in the face of war's turmoil. Ironically, a copy of this film was given by President Ronald Reagan to Russia's President, as a symbol of our peace loving nature. Remade for television Friendly Persuasion (1975) also called "Except For Me and Thee" starring Richard Kiley and Shirley Knight, it is actually from the novel's sequel of the same name.

Roots (1977 - TV Mini-series)
Alex Haley's seminal work on the African American experience includes Quaker abolitionist characters.

She Stood Alone (1991 - TV Series)
Mare Winningham plays Prudence Crandall who started her own girls school in early 19th century Connecticut in order to help educate African Americans. Prudence was a Quaker but left the faith. This story takes place at the height of Quaker Quietism when Friends risked ignoring core testimonies in order to remain separate from worldly influence.

Christy (1994 - TV Series)
This is a television series starring Kellie Martin as a young idealistic teacher who goes to rural Appalachia to teach the poor residents and ends up learning about life herself. She gets special help from Quaker Alice Henderson played by Tyne Daly.

Amazing Grace (2007 - Film)
This film is based on the true life story of William Wilberforce, a leader of the British abolition movement along with many Quakers. It tells the story of his spiritual transformation and his epic struggle to pass a law to end the slave trade in the late 18th century.

Einstein and Eddington (2008 - Docudrama)
Story of the friendship between Albert Einstein's and British scientist Sir Arthur Eddington, the first physicist to prove Eintstiens theories expermentally. Eddington's loyalty to his country is challenged when he refuses to fight because he is a Quaker and a pacifist.